About Us


GOAT Jerseys was founded by rabid Basketball fans in 2018 but has quickly expanded to include Jerseys for all sports.

The San Francisco-based crew had grown frustrated by the lack of player selection.

Armed with relationships with the appropriate licensed parties and a hungry crew, GOAT Jerseys set out to offer a jersey shop with hard-to-find players, fair prices, jerseys that look like they should. In other words, we set out to build a jersey shop for the fans, by the fans.

So far, so good.

The company achieves these goals by custom-making each item as the order is received. Custom work allows the company to maintain flexibility (in terms of on-hand inventory), improve the catalog, and control the look of each jersey (so we can match on-field no-name styles around the league). It also means the company isn’t saddled with large inventory costs and we can pass those savings along to the customer. We’re a little slow to ship. Most of our customers don’t mind.

We also offer a true, no-question player trade guarantee. If you purchase a jersey from our store and the player is traded, you can exchange it for any other jersey in our catalog. Simple as that.

GOAT Jerseys also prides itself on being a leader in the Basketball community, often supporting the charities and efforts of players and fans alike. If you have a cause you’re interested in sharing with us, contact us. We’d love to help.